To befriend time.

The days are full of things to learn and things to do. More often than we would like to the joy of all there is to learn, to grow, to invent, to try out, to discover, is turned into a stress and a fight against time, when there are too many things that need to be done and remembered and taken care of.

Before I was out walking our daughter so sleep. And we listened to the birds settling in for the night and we watched the trees against the sky, as we do most nights. And as she was falling asleep against my chest, I strolled through the garden, and I could see it coming alive. And I discovered three little birch trees not far from our house, that I have never really seen before, even though I´ve walked past them almost daily, and I thought that that was absolutely amazing. What happens that make eyes open up like that?

And I felt calm and wide awake at the same time.

I´ve started thinking about this thing with time. That there is never enough time. It is such a strange thing to say, to feel. And such a sad way to live life. Time doesn´t end. We tend to think of time as what we would like to achieve today, or this week, or before the winter comes. Sure, some things really do need to get done. But I think there is something about our attitude to time that could be different. At least that´s how I feel. So I´ve started to try a new approach to time. Or maybe it´s more of a shifting from Time to Life. I am here to live, not to get things done.



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