Picking the pines

Today was a magic day. In the simplest of ways. There was that mixture of peace and the energy of life surrounding us. And I went to pick some pine needles from the great old pines at the back of our garden. And I harvested some ground elder. They are considered a weed, but they give me food and vitamins and a piece of rest for my soul as I pick them.

And I will keep it for the winter. I will mix the pine with nettle and blueberries and make a tea out of it.

As the years go by I find winter harder and harder to live through. It´s not the cold so much as it is the darkness.

And today I was thinking of winter. Of how strange it is how time changes.

And I was thinking that these days will turn into memories.

And perhaps this winter when I drink a cup of pine tea I will remeber this day, the light and magic of summer green, and the darkness will be a little easier to carry.




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  1. I like this. I want to drink that tea and create a Tora memory.

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