The Dream of the Forest Kitchen:

So this is the dream: Being outdoors. Among the trees and the wild fields, where flowers and tall grass grows. Where I can feel the wind against my face and the soil underneath my bare feet. A home build roof over my head. And artwork; carved in patterns, painted details, colourful fabrics and little solar lights hanging from the ceiling. Maybe some poetry hidden away amongst the shelves. A rocket stove burning. A pot or two simmering on the fire. Friends and family sitting around the big table, having a drink, talking, being. The kids playing. And there is a swing.

So this is the reality: Marion and Jojo and Emma, three wwoofers who are staying here, wanted to help us build this kitchen. Jojo designed a roof. It´s a very good design. Beautiful. Strong. Marion is good with the chainsaw (and with making funny little creatures out of sticks, and making candleholders out of thin pieces of wood). She went into the forest and cut down some trees, that were kind enough to stop growing and being turned into a forest kitchen instead.

Kajsa and Megan and Henrik started designing the rocket stove. It´s gonna be really nice, with two burning chambers, and the shell put together with stones and clay.

We evened out the soil. It was hard work with the shovels in the sun. (Although I was inside cooking and playing and running around with Lova most of the time). We debarked the trees and burned the ends of them over a fire. We put them in the ground. And there they were, the foundation of the the outdoor kitchen. Eight strong beautiful poles, to carry our rooftop.

It´s been a week now, and the dream and the reality are getting aquinted with each other, mixing up their energies.

Henrik told me last night, that in the old days, back when ordinary poeple hadn´t forgotten how to build their own house, it was common to have your neighbours and friends help you out with the roof. And when the roof was finished, they would have a party under the roof. A “tak-lags-fest”. So tonight we are having a “tak-lag-fest” under our roof. The roof, which is the first part in reality of the dream of an outdoor kitchen.

After this I think the project will rest for a while, other things need our focus now (the straw bale house, the garden, the peace and quiet). And the kitchen will continue growing slowly, the rocket stove will be built one day, some sort of sink we be invented, shelves and hooks and wind shields and art work will be created. As time goes by.


Marion and the chainsaw:


Carrying a log. Having a chat:




Traveau semaine



début montage halle

Couverture 2

fin Couverture

After a hard days work at Lunnaberg:


It´s noisy having a swing when they are hammering on the roof:


Taking a break:


Testing the ladders. Having a cuddle:




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