The cold clear fall.

The summer is long gone. I don´t miss it that much really. Although I´m very glad to think of a new one coming one day. The fall is cold and clear and silent. I´m quite happy in it. The time of warm fires, reflection, endless cusps of tea, creativity and writing is here.

Apart from a few little things that still need to be fixed on our dear old roof that never seem to be quite perfect, we´re all set for winter. Let the snow come and brighten up the dark skies.

The last big project for the summer was buildning the green house. The two major things to say about the green house is: it took such a long time, and: it turned out so nice! Our dear wwoofers Kajsa, Esme, Germain, Martin, Martin (no 2), Pia and Flavie helped us a lot with it. They had the most amazing patience! When some of the windows broke, when some of the wood construction had to be remade, when heaps of stubborn old paint needed to be removed, when board after board needed to be cut… As a bonus we learned how to renovate old windows. It was a lot of fun, and will be really good to know when we will try to fix the windows on our house next year (or the year after that…).

Esme made a short little film from some photos she took! Please have a look, and see the green house growing and coming alive:

And now it is finished. Very few and very late tomates and chilies grew here this year… But next year it will be standing here waiting for us, early, as the first rays of spring sun peaks over the tree tops.

We promised all our wwoofers to post a photo of it when finished, so here it is, covered in the first snow of the season:


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  1. Så fiiiint det blev! Ser fram emot att komma tillbaka i sommar och pyssla med tomaterna (och kanske skrapa mer fönsterfärg och applicera “shit”!)

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