Calendar – Workshops etc

Here we’ll add information about upcoming stuff so that friends, wwoofers and other folks easily can see what’s up here at Lunnaberg!

Summer 2014:

This year the main focus is on the garden, growing our food, building our soil.

The plan is to invite everyone who are interested to theme days, throughout the summer, where we will focus on different things that we are in the process of learning and creating. The dates are not yet set, but the plans are many! And they are:

-Designing and building a rocket stove for our outdoor kitchen.
-Creating a beautiful little playground incorporated into the garden (for example a climbing tower on top of the compost, a hut with mini kiwis and other edible plants).
-Inviting insects and other small animals by creating nests and insect friendly atmospheres.
-Designing and building a compost heated shower and/or a solar heated shower.
-Building a bathtub under the stars, heated with firewood, maybeheated with a COB-oven.
-Preserve food
-Build a simple root cellar for storing vegetables.
-Make hugel culture beds.

Stay tuned for times and dates through out the season!

Is there anything you know you want to be in on, let us know!

And, is there anything else you would like to learn/experiment with here at Lunnaberg, let us know! We´re happy to be a place for trying out new ideas.


Trädgårdsvecka v.21
20-26 maj

Vi sätter spaden i jorden, bygger växthus av gamla fönster, planterar, anlägger permakulturella bäddar, skapar en örtagård, bygger växtstöd etc etc.

Vi bjuder på god mat varje dag, och tältplats på våra vackra ängar. (Har du inte eget tält så kan vi ordna några extra sovplatser) Och vi kan hämta/skjutsa från t.ex. Svenljunga, Uddebo, Limmared.

Kontakt oss gärna i förväg om du vill komma, men det går även bra att vara spontan och dyka upp när du har lust!


Workshop in Straw Bale House building                                                                      24th of June – 21th of July

Join us for our first straw bale house building at Lunnaberg! We plan to build a house about 16 squere meters big, where we will sleep this winter.

We are beginners at this. We have the basic knowledge and some experience, but we intend to keep learing together with you! We offer practical experience and theoretical information about building with straw bale. Work includes things such as buidling a foundation, preparing the bales, clay plastering, building some sort of fire place, installing solar panels etc. A compendium with information will be handed out to everyone who wants to take their new knowledge back home in writing.

Free food and camp sites for all. We would also be happy for someone to help out in the kitchen, so please let us know if you are interested in that.

We plan to build for about a month. How far we will get in this time will depend alot on how many people we are. If the house is still not ready come august, we´ll keep on building!

Please let us know when you are coming and for how many days/weeks you will be staying. We can pick you up from bus and train stations near by. See Contact for further datails.

Hope to see you here amongst the magic trees!

Almost Every Day All Summer                                                                                       May until September 2013

All through the summer, and probably far into the autumn, we will be here, designing permaculture beds, building little huts, inventing cool and environmentally friendly things, playing in the woods, digging out soil, searching for stones, attracting butterflies…

And you are welcome to join us whenever you feel like it!

We offer yummy food and lots of time to play and relax for all who want to come and help out for a while. And if you don´t feel like working, just come and mix with the Lunnaberg energy, relax under the trees and the stars. Just let us know when you´re coming!


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