The Garden

A garden is growing



Slowly our garden has started to grow. Finding ways to let the trees grow in harmony with vegetables and berries. Designing a small eco system where the plats, the insects and the weather help each other to a healthy and happy life. Permaculture. Respecting the wild, the diversity, the complexity of the soil and of the lives that grow.

This journey has only just begun. This year: potatoes in the ground, carrots, beans, a few pumpkins. A green house being build from windows rescued from an old farm. In there, chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers. And the herbs, a circle of herbs, to spice our food, to heel our colds come winter time, to give joy to the bees and the butterflies.

And we dream of trees. We plant the trees. And we will nurture them in the years to come. And there will be apples, plums, cherries, hazelnut, chestnuts, hawthorn…


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